My creations express the spiritual bond I feel with creation, the love for animals, the enchantment for nature and the divine that inhabits everything.
I use various forms of artisanal and artistic expression, even if I prefer tailoring, because I conceive clothes as something intimate and profound, a sort of second skin.

I am not interested in fashion: my clothes are “made to measure for the heart”, they correspond to what I feel, to my emotions, certainly not to the trends of the moment.

It is said that the dress does not make the monk, yet I believe that the clothes have, within certain limits, a kind of transformative power: wearing a certain garment inevitably leads to resonate with what that dress communicates … it is not a the case is that the uniforms are all the same in some work environments (eg: army): this is just an example, to say that the characteristics of many clothes convey different messages.
I have been creating my clothes since I was 15-16 years old, first with the help of my mother, then by myself: my clothes have accompanied my evolutionary path and for some years, since I became a spiritual hermit, they have the aspect of my inner path: they take the colors of nature and the seasons, they are wide, comfortable and soft like small dens, and long, so as not to walk too fast, because I am tired of the frenzy and I have decided that a slower pace is what I deserve.

On this site I tell my spiritual journey mainly through what I create, and which also serves to support me.

Why Nuvole in Fiore?

Well because, I gave myself a second name that is representative of my spiritual journey, Pink Cloud, and a pink cloud can only create clouds in bloom!

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